Vintage Blood reviews etc.

‘Watching the audience respond so well to Vintage Blood was an absolute delight. They laughed and cringed in all the right places. It was particularly enjoyable to see some of the excellent dialogue-based humour get some of the biggest laughs, in fact, “shit the bed, woman!” might have got one of the biggest laughs of the whole festival!’
Nia Edwards-Behi, Abertoir Festival co-director

"there are moments of Vintage Blood that are hilarious in some of the darkest ways imaginable."

"a rare British comedy horror which has you alternating between laugh-out-loud moments combining slapstick humour with keen observation ... I thought that Quotable Dialogue of the Fest should have been awarded to the fantastic Tracy Whitwell as the slightly psychic customer in Vintage Blood for the line, “Shit the bed, woman!” as she tries to skedaddle from the broken Ouija Board. #Just sayin’"

"Vintage Blood is a brilliant mix of horror and comedy telling the story of a vintage shop owner and a cursed Ouija board haunting her shop. The film won the Audience Award thanks to its witty script and noticeable visual style."

"it’s laid out more as a dark comedy than a straight-up horror, but the creepy elements are there; they’re just overshadowed a bit by the hilariously smart dialogue delivered by the film’s interesting and charismatic characters."